World Journal of Gastroenterology -impact factor: 3.411-

World Journal of Gastroenterology -impact factor: 3.411-

WJG(World Journal of Gastroenterology)の編集委員となりました。



Dear Dr. Toyoshima,

First of all, I would like to congratulate you on becoming a member of the new Editorial Board for the World Journal of Gastroenterology. I particularly hope that under your guidance the World Journal of Gastroenterology will experience stable growth over the next four years.

Number ID: 03767650

Publication Name: World Journal of Gastroenterology

Personal Information: Osamu Toyoshima, MD, Director, Professor, Gastroenterology, Toyoshima Endoscopy Clinic, Tokyo 1570066, Japan

Position: Editorial Board

Submission Date: 2019-09-21

Start Date – End Date: 2019-01-01 – 2021-12-31


Lian-Sheng Ma, Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Baishideng Publishing Group Inc

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British Society of Gastroenterology(英国消火器病学会) が刊行する『胃がんガイドライン』に参考文献として引用されました。

Your work has been cited

Congratulations – Your article has been cited.

Your article:

Endoscopic gastric atrophy is strongly associated with gastric cancer development after Helicobacter pylori eradication

Cited by:
Banks, Matthew et al.:
British Society of Gastroenterology guidelines on the diagnosis and management of patients at risk of gastric adenocarcinoma
Gut. Volume: 68. Issue: 9. 2019
Thank you again for publishing with us. We look forward to working with you in the future.
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